Senin, 03 Januari 2011

Hatake Kakashi Shippuden

Kakashi Shippuden

Episode three of Naruto Shippuden is all about Sakura and Naruto who has to In the same time Sasori and Deidara who are members of Akatsuki, will arrive at the entrance of Sunagakure. After the training Kakashi Hatake will give a test to Naruto and Sakura to check their skills and to known how much they have improved. Therefore, Kakashi Hatake will take the responsibility of the safety of Naruto and he will train and teach all the skills to Naruto. The life of Naruto is in danger since he leaves his village.

After this, Jairaiya will inform Kakashi Hatake about the plan of Akatsuki collecting the tailed beasts that is in the Demon Fox form which is actually located inside the body of Naruto. The Episode two of Naruto Shippuden is all about Akatsuki who is planning to make a move towards the Naruto.
This episode will also introduce the two members of the Akatsuki who move towards the Sunagakure to capture the village leader, Gaara. Naruto, who is a rank holder of Genin, is introduced to his old peer, who is also advanced to the chunin rank. The episode one will mainly focus on Naruto Uzumaki who will return to a village called Konoha after 2 and a half year of journey with Jairaiya.

This series has a wonderful story line and most of the episodes come out with a good story line. This is one of the well known animated series in Japan. Here we will discuss about some of the main themes of the animated series Naruto Shippuden.